eyebrow tattooing

A technique that lasts up to 12 - 18 months. Used to create hyper-realistic individual strokes and/or shading. Using the finest quality mircoblade and customised blended, natural pigments with no iron oxide, allows for excellent retention and a true colour match.

Microblading creates the 'background' and fills in the areas of the eyebrows that look empty and patchy, so that a full and complete look is accomplished.

Trained at Chi Para-medical Aesthetics, this latest up to date training can fill in sparse brows or create an entire brow with added realism.This is the perfect procedure for those who either want to perfect their natural brow or would love to have amazingly shaped eyebrows again. 

There are many reasons why people, in particular women, lose their eyebrows. It can be due to scarring, over plucking, hormones, sickness or medication. Having the perfect brows that won't wash off can bring your confidence back. Ring Omnia to talk to Renée about booking a consultation to start you on the path of getting your most beautiful brows.

Photos of Client before, after & fully healed- hair stroke effect

Powder brow & hair stroke combination, fully healed.


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